About us

Zeljko board from the beginning of the first apparitions, deals exclusively religious tourism. We are located in Medjugorje, near the church approx.300 meters in peaceful surroundings of nature.

We tried to keep the 20-year-long tradition of pilgrimage to remain within the family in order to be able to devote my heart to each of our guests.

It would be our great pleasure, if you choose to stay in our house, and we will make sure that you feel comfortable with us and the Shrine of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje.

If you want to relax, spend the night or stay longer in our area there is a board that Zeljko has 26 air-conditioned  rooms with 61 beds. Each room has a bathroom and toilet. We offer rooms with a view to the Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain.

  We own air-conditioned, modern restaurant for pilgrims, and the meal service and you can also enjoy our local wine and cuisine of our region. In front of the house there is a beautiful garden which pilgrims used for meditation and prayer.

We offer free parking for guests to board buses and private vehicles. The guest house is equipped with central heating and room space as well as wireless Internet and is open to visitors all year round. We offer you the opportunity for bed and breakfast, half board and full board. For details on pricing, please contact us and we will be happy to respond.

We are pleased to welcome you in a pleasant environment and to ensure that every moment of your stay pleasant and that you will remember and relaxed atmosphere.